Traditional German Christmas Pickle Ornament

Product Description
An Old World custom, parents hid a pickle ornament on the Christmas Tree on Christmas Eve, tucking it out of sight. The first family member to spot the pickle on Christmas Morning was rewarded with the first present from under the tree.

Price: $0.20

  • pickle ornament with green glitter finish
  • Measures 4 inches long
  • The tradition is printed on the package



Kurt Adler 5.52″ Wood Pearlized Guitar Ornament

Product Description
This Kurt Adler 5.52″ Wood Pearlized Guitar Ornament is a beautifully detailed, unique way to add to the décor of any guitarist or music-lover! This guitar is completely detailed with strings, tuning pegs, frets, and pearlized wooden body. It comes in an also-detailed red-lined black hinged case, complete with gold buckles and a black handle.

Price: $5.17

  • 5.52″ wooden ornament
  • Wood
  • Wooden pearlized guitar ornament